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Videorecetas pendientes de publicar

Estas son las recetas que tengo pendientes de editar en vídeo y publicar. ¿Alguna preferencia?

  • Rissotto de hongos Trevijano (vídeo)
  • Galletas de café capuccino (vídeo)
  • Berenjenas rellenas de carne picada (vídeo)
  • Escalivada (vídeo)
  • Halibut al papillote (vídeo)
  • Macarrones con verduras (vídeo)
  • Pollo con manzana (vídeo)
  • Tallarines a los cuatro quesos
  • Ensalada con roquefort, crocanti y manzana (vídeo)
  • Pechugas con bechamel (vídeo)

Tip 1: How to organize your recipes

This is my little recipe folder. In this folder I keep those recipes I’ve downloaded from the Internet, the ones I often do, etc.

I really think having the recipes organized like this is really useful since at a single glance you can easily go to the type of recipe you want to make.

My categories are:

Salads and starters, creams and soups, vegetables, rice, pasta, meat, fish, desserts, sauses and menues.

You can go directly to the section you are interested in.

For instance, today I want to make a dessert, so I go to the dessert section and I easily find the recipe I want to make.

Having recipes in this plastic folders are really useful because you can take them out while you are cooking and they are protected from stains.

What I usually do in order to have the recipe at hand is hanging it from the cupboard and in this way I easily can check the ingredients and the step by step section from the recipe.

Watch the video and leave me a comment on how you organize your recipes and if you have found this tip useful.

Lot of thanks!