How to organize your spices

Today I’ve decided to record my first video in English. Here you have it. Hope you like it, and please do bear in mind that I’m not an English native speaker…

To control the clutter in your kitchen you can start with the spices.

–         First check if any of the species you have has expired. If so, trash it. You want to organize your space and maybe make room for new and fresh herbs. If you have a spices which has expired 2 years ago, it won’t have the same flavour as a new and fresh one.

–         Label them so you can identify them easily.

–         When doing so, avoid hiding the expiration date under the adhesive.

–         Find a place for them, whether it is a cupboard or a drawer, but bear in mind that it is  better if it is a dark space and far from the heat of the oven or stove.

–         Use your imagination to gain the most of the space. I use this elevator so I have 2 levels for my spices.

–         I wanted to go to the carpenter for a wood of this size, but first I wanted to try this method for a while. I’ve used a stack of paper of and wrap it with white adhesive paper.

–         There are many other ways of organizing your spices, which are even commercialized: staircase systems, stackable systems. Go and search on Google Images and you will have plenty of ideas for this.

–         When organizing them, you can be practical an sort them by use, the most you use at the front, or if you are a really organized person, then you will want to sort them in alphabetical order 😉

–         In this way you know where the spice you need is and go directly to it, instead of moving all them to find it.

–         And here you have it. Aren’t they organized?

I hope you like this tip.

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