Tip 1: How to organize your recipes

This is my little recipe folder. In this folder I keep those recipes I’ve downloaded from the Internet, the ones I often do, etc.

I really think having the recipes organized like this is really useful since at a single glance you can easily go to the type of recipe you want to make.

My categories are:

Salads and starters, creams and soups, vegetables, rice, pasta, meat, fish, desserts, sauses and menues.

You can go directly to the section you are interested in.

For instance, today I want to make a dessert, so I go to the dessert section and I easily find the recipe I want to make.

Having recipes in this plastic folders are really useful because you can take them out while you are cooking and they are protected from stains.

What I usually do in order to have the recipe at hand is hanging it from the cupboard and in this way I easily can check the ingredients and the step by step section from the recipe.

Watch the video and leave me a comment on how you organize your recipes and if you have found this tip useful.

Lot of thanks!

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2 pensamientos en “Tip 1: How to organize your recipes

  1. Rosa

    Que buena idea Montse, yo hacia libros con mis recetas, pero tenia el problema de que se me mancharan cuando tenia que consultarlas,ahora pondre en practica tu idea,es muy muy bueno tu recetario.
    Saludos Rosa

  2. Montse Autor

    Hola Rosa,
    Muchas gracias por tu comentario. La verdad es que plastificando las recetas ya no corres riesgos de que se manchen tanto. Los dossieres de plásticos son baratos si los compras en un bazar chino y se limpian fácilmente con una bayeta húmeda.

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